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Business need to let users access their core applications quickly and easily. With HTML5, the browser is becoming the main business platform. Features like websockets, offline storage and rich user interface let you create amazing business web application.

Bleeding edge technology

As we running most of our applications under new-age techonology like Node.Js, Couchbase and Riak, we cut-off cost requirements and made trade-off for more distributed application to get reliability within business.

Mobile Responsive

Responsive web design is without a doubt one of the absolute hottest topics in web development right now, because it truly represents a major paradigm shift that is fundamentally changing the way we approach web design projects.

Well Documented

We manage to document our web applications as well to help further development for next developers and better agile scrum process in future version of application for another scenario.

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red-lineOur Creative Minds

  • Daniel Káčer

    WebNinja | Co-founder @geefunet

    Daniel Káčer

    WebNinja | Co-founder

  • Angelo Donaldos Cordata

    Human Resources @geefunet

    Angelo Donaldos Cordata

    Human Resources

  • Matej Nemček

    DevOps | Co-founder @yangwao

    Matej Nemček

    DevOps | Co-founder

  • Quantus Bred Wildangel

    Sales Representative @yangwao

    Quantus Bred Wildangel

    Sales Representative

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About Geefu

Geefu is developer company that caters to the needs of entrepreneurs. Our philosophy is simple, help our customers create finest business system that simplify their trade, logistics & managment. We'll work fast, try to beat our hypotheses and deliver something you and your customers will love.